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Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Flowers

I like playing up dark & light (maintaining the naturals as possible), but I don't like BEING IN the dark! 

May is here... and after the April downpours that had me thinking of Jars of Clay's Flood and Casting Crowns' Praise You in This Storm, the May flowers had damn well better be bountiful!
It was lovely yesterday- spent time sitting on the hill in the sunshine-in my shirt sleeves at that!
We'll see warmth again. Not in the mood for a hell-heat-front like that of last July (or so) but some "Drag out the shorts (or buy ones that fit!) and sandals weather, to sit out and read in would be nice!
I joked earlier, using phrases only a geek could love (I like being a geek, I don't knock it.) : "Long month was long"- April always is- "Eh, the hell with it. I'm gonna do a Barrel Roll. Tomorrow is another day"- (This last is my Scarlet O'Hara impression. I also do a "With Gaaaaaaaaaaawd as my witness" thing!)
I am tired of wistfully waiting- some new things, cleaning with my Shark Bait (nickname) later this week, looking into some time spent out of books, (although the Tao of Pooh is calling my name- you actually can learn a lot from that silly old bear.) I can't, as Jack Johnson said, be waitin' wishin' hopin'... When this mood strikes, it's generally unintentional... but happens enough that a genuine smiling pic of me is rare and something I am proud of & like to work with to really show how happy I was, generally with something simple. That is... there is major happiness to be found in the simple things (One of the big ideas of the Tao of Pooh, actually. I really am grateful to the person who told me about it... it is an impressive book in its' daintyness.)
Well, I guess the big point is---get off your ass, quit being wistful, don't stay in the dark. Quit waitin' wishin' hopin' and enjoy the May Flowers.
Love, Bethy
PS: No more of this! Yeesh, what a wistful dork I am!

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