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Friday, May 27, 2011

Forbes, Pro-Ana, and the Girl Scouts

A small news round up:

People are idiots. What else is new? A recent Forbes article tried to link gluten free diets and anorexia, possibly due to a few on a "pro-ana" site singing the virtues of it in a typical ill-informed way.
"We didn't mean to exclude anyone with actual issues"... sure, but excuse me, Madam Reporter, um... how can it be helped- people might get offended if you don't take into account numerous conditions, not just that 25% of the population (Your numbers, might want to do a re-check!) have issues that make them sick from gluten. That the pro-ana twits need not only help but a good swift kick in the butt using it to further their insanity. But I think Living In My Lab took this one on best.
Dear Ms. Casserly: The issue is not the diet. It's those who use it to further their own ends. We call those opportunists. As for you, I think we call it: "Not researching well, and using alarmist tactics." Shame on you!
But, to give the benefit of the doubt, I'll link both, do with as you will. I know that even though I don't eat "real food" and live on "next to nothing", I'm far healthier than I used to be. "Real Food" and "Something" are not good to many people.
Oh, and 1/4 or 25%? That's a pretty good sized chunk of the population.
Forbes Article -What We're Not Eating... (Ps, who is "WE"?) I am of the opinion that she should be sent a buffet of the best GF baked goods, etc and a card delivered after the chow down "Hope you enjoyed. PS. That was 'Next to Nothing'." The comments, especially when it's stated "I didn't mean to take away from those who really are sick". Well, using a pro-ana group and a few cheerleaders, etc as a source---I am mortified. PICK YOUR SOURCES BETTER, ALSO CHECK FOR DISSENTING OPINIONS. Someone may disagree but yet wish to educate, out of care for you, and not wanting you to look like a heartless "Anything for a good story" journalist.
And for "I Live In My Lab" 's take: Open Letter To Megan Casserly
Ps...that 25% of those with internal issues can number to 3 million Americans alone. That's not insignificant.
Even the Girl Scouts are seeing people asking about GF cookies (I could go for a Thin Mint, I miss the buggers.)
Girl Scouts- Encourage to Sell Allergen Free Cookie (In this case, they're meaning the big 8--- deleting wheat, soy, dairy, etc.)
The synopsis:

Nationwide, for 2009, the most recent year studied by the Center for Disease Control, the estimate for children with food allergies was 5%.  For adults, the number is 4% in America according to the Food Allergen and Anaphylaxis Network.  In 2010, the Journal of the American Medical Association estimated the number could be as high as 10%.
Based on these statistics, then approximately 132,000 members of the approximately 3,300,000 Girls Scouts are selling cookies that they may not be able to eat.  Additionally, the Girls Scouts are leaving out up to 10% of the American marketplace who cannot buy their cookies.
The Girl Scouts license their cookies to two companies: ABC Bakers and Little Brownie Bakers.  Both companies have been contacted by myself and others inquiring about them producing an allergen free cookie and I have been advised that there isn’t enough of a market to support such a product.  ABC Bakers even states on their website that there isn’t enough of a demand for a cookie that is free from either sugar or gluten.  However, what these two bakers and the Girl Scouts have never tried is to market just one cookie that is free from the top eight food allergens.
Hey, they're perking up their ears. Might as well offer some beautiful music. "Yes, we're willing to shell out too, support the kids... Yes, we want to enjoy the cookies, expensive as they are, too."
Remember that the smallest fractions can be significant. I'll remember that there are sadnesses and pain in this world, but pray to God, that, is really only a small fraction and that the signifigance is in the majority of the kind and educated. 

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