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Monday, May 16, 2011

World Without End, Amen

Human relationships are crazy, crazy beasts. Disagreements and misunderstandings, things that were said when literally true that are not so anymore,and more, can trip us up more than we know.

There comes that time when you simply have to focus on the big picture- I never could see the forest for the trees, I'm constantly looking for details... "Attention to detail, attention to detail" was drilled into my head very well, and occasionally miss broader brush-strokes.

But, in life, when craziness strikes, we don't generally have the right part of the elephant.
Here's what I mean, the classic "6 Blind Men & an Elephant" tale: (I really need to start remembering this and remembering to actually try to put the disparate pieces together)

Six blind men are asked to describe an elephant. They place their hands on him and report their findings:
one feels his leg- "It feels like a pillar". One feels his trunk. "It's like a rope". One feels his tummy. "it's like a wall!" One feels his back "It's like a throne"-the tusk, a lead pipe, the ear, a hand fan. Same elephant, but in not putting it together, they didn't know what they were feeling. Sometimes, in life, you never have the right part of the elephant. 
Life is crazy, mad, wild, beautiful, sad, happy...and more. We can get caught up- I have, and do...overthinking empath's curse, I suppose... but putting the pieces together, you end up with a beautiful, majestic, sometimes gentle, sometimes protectively aggressive creature.
Life will forever be crazy, and it is always a beautiful gift.
World without end, amen. Here endeth the sermon. 

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