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Sunday, May 22, 2011


Oh my God---so cute, my head is exploding...
So Harold Camping's "End is Nigh" prediction went to nothing... I can almost hear a GPS a husky, disembodied feminine version of HAL from 2001: a Space Odyssey "Recalculating! Turn right. Right! Recalculating..."
So, yesterday was: a day when bugger-all happened, and another religious wacko must either say "Uh, I was wrong..." (Wait, never mind!) or "Uh, we need to recalculate." and there were about 9,000 or more "Look! Empty clothes and people acting like they're scared!" photos.

Here is Sir Oscar Meyer, who fights for truth, justice and cuteness with a relish, getting ready for the apocalypse. And I will quit it now with the "Daschund is too cute" stuff.

In other Not Much Happened News:
One night, many years ago, a group of people sold all, and went to wait for the rapture. When it never came, they came slinking back, tails between legs. We now call their group the Seventh Day Adventists. Who await that one glad Saturday (Seventh day). I apologize, when I asked "Didn't Mary Baker-Eddy try this?" I had accidentally thrown one of the founders of Christian Science, known for praying out the evils of illness, which is apparently a way of saying "You need more faith"- as opposed to medications and medical help, which has proven dangerous, and sites exist of CS followers who hurt themselves and innocent children rather than helping.
To link the Adventists and Christian Scientists is wrong indeed.
But, on the subject of religious wackos, Eddy is a favorite. Preach it sister--- oh wait, your kidney is acting up and you're addicted to morphine? Wait a minute! What do we call that? Yeah, my tendency is to watch with sad eyes and shaking head when those that preach do not also practice.
As for Harold Camping, ay yi yi... give it a rest!

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