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Friday, May 6, 2011

Waiting For Daylight

As the night draws near
And the blissful warmth slowly fades
The terrors they come, cloaked in black
I won't curse the velvet darkness
Or sing dirges in the rain
But light my path with candles
And with joy, brave the storms
I will be the uncarved block
I will watch, I will wait, and I will learn
And onward!
Yes, onward- while the flames dance in the melting wax
And while the haken-kraks howl in the pitch black
There is light out there- beautiful soft sunlight
And blissful warmth
Grass to curl my bare toes into
And lovely stars that grace the inky blackness when the sun sets
So for now, I light my candles, until the coming of day. 

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