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Friday, March 30, 2012

Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothin' Left to Lose

I went a-flipping through materials from when I did a class on behavior and attachment. One particular paragraph caught my eye...as they will.

I'm always on a search for freedom... for me, the stars, in a place where the sky is dark enough where I can see them and assorted sodium-vapor and other bright electric lights don't white out the sky... the chance to grab that itchy blanket, and go watch the stars. For me, a dog... like these little guys. Look at those wrinkly little foreheads!--- they're so fluffy, I think I'm going to die! :)
from http://basenjithebarklessdog.tripod.com/pics_of_basenjis.html

But.. there's a flip side to dreams of stars and sweet little yodels (these bark-less dogs, one of whom I know intimately, can yodel, make a peculiar sound (almost a meow) and more..., of porch swings and grass.
Responsibility. First and foremost...try to at least make where you are comfortable. To this end, I went on a massive "Clean all the things" rampage... I now need more garbage bags, and other supplies because I really went OCD, but I'm comfortable, sort of. And we're taught early, that the grass really isn't greener on the other side, although Erma Bombeck does teach that it is greener over the septic tank. But, I have a REALLY blank slate. Next phase: Decorating. Simply. I'm thinking blues, grays, greens, and yellows, and a little cranberry red (a rug). To this end I'm using what I call "Cottage Porn"... I tend to start dreaming and salivating when I see things like:

Completely Coastal

More cottage porn, courtesy of: How To Make A Gamer Laugh on Bitmob

The flip side of freedom:
1)I have obligations. To myself, to my family, to my friends. I must accept them. I cannot neglect myself, either.
2)I have to do the right thing, despite what critics may say. Taking care of myself means sometimes, I have to avoid things that make me act unnaturally.
3)What happens to me is a result of choices I make
4)I can't control what happens all the time. I can control how I react to it.

Ok. That's pedantic. And sounds a bit sad. Let's bring on the music, shall we?

The best "Do everything and look cool" soundtrack. EVER. My nephew says I'm cool, and that's enough for me:

And of course, the ditty that popped up on random while I cleaned up after the Ash Wednesday Fire, and made me stop scrubbing for a minute so I could laugh (somewhat maniacally.)

Well, that's that. Cheery bye!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Do You Ever Have That *Whisper* Not-So-Fresh Feeling?

This was not an advertorial. Neither Lysol, nor FDS, nor Summer's Eve have offered compensation. Please note that while some may choose to smell pine fresh, putting Lysol near sensitive mucus membranes is a terrible idea. Thank you.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

No! No!, Dr.Who, and a Sleepy Neurotic

For the last time, Dear Family of Mine, (Never mind the oddball Dr. Who reference to "Family of Mine"... that stays put, although frankly, I'm once again creeped out less by daleks and a family that takes over people's bodies in order to achieve their ends...and unlike the 10th Doctor, I won't say "I'm sorry...I'm so sorry.")

Listen, I know I am a neurotic with a severe perfectionistic streak. Yes, that means I occasionally try to hide that vestige of Slavic blood, the fur... (we are a furry, furry people. It must have been needed to go over continents in search of home, and fight numerous Germanic tribes in the northern European chill.) But seriously, I've had my hand on razors and depilatories since I was 14 and decided my blond fuzz just had to go.) The gift of electrolysis? Seriously? I'm supposed to put something that can cause a burning smell near my skin? (Before you say it, one, I'm pretty much immune to paying $7 for, and having, hot wax ripped off my eye brows. The only issue there is ultra sensitive skin and the redness that doesn't go away for a bit. Hell, I even have coupons for a freebie bikini wax, provided I let the nice lady down the road have at me while I'm in a Happy Baby pose.) Yes, I have had incidents with hair control, don't we all? Electrolysis for my birthday? Complete with "Watch the pretty blue light" and "Don't worry about the burning smell? Oh, I'm perfect as I am, indeed. Listen, I get nitpicky with me. I always consider it a family's job to talk their neurotic spawn down, preferably before the legs become something Social Services wonders about (Because I'll go in far closer than I should) and I'm worrying about a mustache I don't have.

BUT.. a wise friend said this, in one of their more calm moods..."The human race isn't capable of perfection. We are imperfectible."
All along, I've dealt with not quite being able to fit... I worry when I've been Novocaine-ed  or tired because I know my  speech impediment comes through and you look embarrassed... (But at least, if I'm asking, say, the pharmacist, "By the way, am I drooling? Slurring?" they're likely to reassure me. I'm not sure, but perhaps I can act healthy far better than I thought.) (Also, I learned how to drink a soda with half my mouth numbed. It takes gymnastics, yo!)
 like "How could I have had THIS child? Her brother is SO healthy..." I worry when I'm so tired I can barely stand. Because there's that look. Shame and pity.
Now, see, there's a time where I'm not going to be able to act "Healthy"... this pink cheeked bundle of joy and verve takes forever to get it right.

Dear Bro, I have to take care of me. You doing it would be creepy. Besides, I'm not under 18 any more, and it might surprise you, but... I am not a helpless idiot (not in the original political term "Someone who doesn't bother to vote", but in the original "labeling term", someone with the IQ of a small child.) Sure, I'm sensitive, sure, I either haven't had time to, or have tried very hard not to, become jaded by the world. I know it sucks. I know it's dark. I also know about beauty and want to share that. I'd rather not let the darkness overcome the light. I made a promise to myself some years ago: I will lay down, die, and let someone take care of me, and when I do, the person I am will cease to be giving you an empty shell.

I will visit California, take the nieces out, enjoy whatever healthy and gf delights Northern California can offer. But I will not stay. It's time for me to take steps on my own. A vacation is good. I want one in a colder climate too. Yes, I want my family close. No, I do not wish to be their drudge, their project.

I'm taking steps to help me. Working with the neuro, who may come from the best neurological group in WNY but I sometimes wonder if he simply enjoys having a guinea pig/ really good trained monkey/ whatever to treat.

And, with all of the triggers of late, I know, it's time to help myself. I have gotten so ground down, I am really showing disregard for myself and have become a bit useless to those I care for. I can't do that. I'm driving myself and them insane. There's some people I absolutely must cut off. But there's some I'm afraid I'm losing because my personality is getting weird. I don't trust me. I have to focus on me for a bit... the physical scars are healing slowly and annoyingly, but it's healing, none the less. I'm forever wanting to lean, but know better than to do so, plus, I wouldn't want to crush anyone. But, I will trust some of that to an expert.

I will not, cannot, let D. win by letting triggers and fear get the best of me. Or nightmares. So I'll beat him. By having confidence and taking care of me. I will not let a hideous FUBAR wreck me.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's A Perfect Day For Letting Go...

Music, ah, music, the louder the better (There's a reason I like early, pre-RIP Cliff, pre-haircuts, pre- Lars Is A Little Girl- Metallica--- a profoundly deaf friend with a very old 80's Cutlass used to play them as loud as could go (in the uncomfortable echo chamber that is a small 1980s sedan)- sure, I'd be thrown back in the seat, but it got the blood and heart pumping. ) There of course, is something for every mood.

Contemplative--- "Epiphany"- by Staind. It feels like a heart beat, Aaron Lewis is beautifully gravelly, and it just works.

Oddball Cheer Me Up:
"Doing the Unstuck" by the Cure. There's something strangely delightful in "Let's Get Happy" and "It's the perfect day for letting go". A B-side that can answer the question "The Cure HAVE a happy song?" Answer: As cheery as only the Cure can be.

  Hooked On Phonics Nothing better than a song that can entertain and teach at once. I used to enjoy, but never fully understand, one particular fast-paced ditty giving the parts of the body. I especially adored seeing Abby rock out to it on NCIS though. There's two in particular I love... for kids, but never talking down to. From an awesome show, Horrible Histories (In the US, you'll have to Youtube it, although you could get a zone-less DVD player so you can play a region 2 DVD.) On this first one, giving the names of the UK's royalty from William the Conquerer to Elizabeth II, there was a challenge to memorize the lyrics & monarchs.
And of course, my favorite... a beautifully dark song about the dark life of Dick Turpin, highway man

There was a list someone wrote about "Worst songs to listen to during sex"... I think I have to agree, Rammstein is indeed the least sexy thing to listen to!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

"Thigh High Panty Hose, Please"

Of late, in the interests of recovery (I have a lot of work to do, and would like to get my health, etc into gear so I can begin on the next steps of my 5-10 year plan, and hope to really make doctors scratch their heads when I do not fulfill their prognoses of early death (I want to meet my great great grandchildren, at least!) ) I've had to under go more rounds of medications to correct problems caused by other medications, in the fond hope that eventually, they decide to get off their asses and fix the problems so I can go without having to strip down and administer migraine meds by injection, so that weeks DON'T go by in which I either drag and wear sunglasses permanently (And so I can get rid of black out curtains, as I hate dark houses), in which I am not, and cannot be, of use to anyone, in which, to roll out of bed to go to the bathroom is like walking a tightrope, or crawling across one, and which any conversation I'm forced into is forcebly cheery or contains, when I'm at my worst, the observation that the light hurts/ is causing vision disturbances, or contains a variation of "Please, God, kill me now"...  I am also attempting to take care of environmental needs... and removing things that I know are wrong for me. Unfortunately, this includes people. A friend I respected highly, and have done acting work for, had voiced interest. Because it conflicted with my view of said friend, as a friend, and yet, no romantic interest, I kept said person at arms' length. Because I respected them, and could not bring myself to broach this. Also, when they are people whose jobs you can list in a resume, this is not ok, and is a huge no-no. (Because, otherwise, what was he supposed to tell people, "Yeah, she's a great little worker, always willing to please?") This is in the past. To offer "Help" with a request for thigh high panty hose and um... personal depillation requirements? OK, when you delivered my paycheck from said acting gig, and I was as sick as a freaking dog from bronchitis and side effects of medication, and I passed out on you, you claimed to have carried me to bed. My natural alarms are going off, now. What did you do to tuck me in? Your not taking no for an answer and being angry when I tell you I give no favors for favors, nor will they be asked for by me, tells me something. Actually, it helps me to be more anxious. As part of need for recovery, and out of fear, I'm doing this. I don't care that you're a friend to a close friend of mine. You're toxic, you're creepy. You're out. Friends don't allow their friends to feel fear of them. 

For the last time, among the things I'd do before I ask for help, breastfeeding a rabid mountain lion, and/or undergoing female circumcision with a piece of rusty barbed wire are at the top. I'm going to spend a few days getting ready. I won't be able to eat/ speak correctly (or as correctly as I do now, speech deficits not withstanding) and since it's a "holiday" (or reprieve from Lent), I'm going to enjoy it. Period.