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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Do You Ever Have That *Whisper* Not-So-Fresh Feeling?

This was not an advertorial. Neither Lysol, nor FDS, nor Summer's Eve have offered compensation. Please note that while some may choose to smell pine fresh, putting Lysol near sensitive mucus membranes is a terrible idea. Thank you.


  1. I figured that if I was saddled with a personality when I refused to join the modern era where everybody swings, man, and I had an old fashioned attitude, I might as well play with it. And use the voice (hard to do, actually) that people assume I have. Next up may well be "Eating with Bethy and Biff and Phallic Vegetables". I was actually inspired though, by vintage Lysol douche ads, like this:

  2. LOL!!!  Love it.  I hope you do some more videos.  

    Those vintage ads are a hoot!  I've been saving them on my pc for blog inspiration.  I must admit that I was not inspired to post a video...darn!  I'm glad you did!  You gave me a really good giggle this morning!

  3. I'm going to be talking to someone about a take on this ad, for the modern era. For me, any excuse to buy a dress. I'm playing with some projects... stay tuned! :)