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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's A Perfect Day For Letting Go...

Music, ah, music, the louder the better (There's a reason I like early, pre-RIP Cliff, pre-haircuts, pre- Lars Is A Little Girl- Metallica--- a profoundly deaf friend with a very old 80's Cutlass used to play them as loud as could go (in the uncomfortable echo chamber that is a small 1980s sedan)- sure, I'd be thrown back in the seat, but it got the blood and heart pumping. ) There of course, is something for every mood.

Contemplative--- "Epiphany"- by Staind. It feels like a heart beat, Aaron Lewis is beautifully gravelly, and it just works.

Oddball Cheer Me Up:
"Doing the Unstuck" by the Cure. There's something strangely delightful in "Let's Get Happy" and "It's the perfect day for letting go". A B-side that can answer the question "The Cure HAVE a happy song?" Answer: As cheery as only the Cure can be.

  Hooked On Phonics Nothing better than a song that can entertain and teach at once. I used to enjoy, but never fully understand, one particular fast-paced ditty giving the parts of the body. I especially adored seeing Abby rock out to it on NCIS though. There's two in particular I love... for kids, but never talking down to. From an awesome show, Horrible Histories (In the US, you'll have to Youtube it, although you could get a zone-less DVD player so you can play a region 2 DVD.) On this first one, giving the names of the UK's royalty from William the Conquerer to Elizabeth II, there was a challenge to memorize the lyrics & monarchs.
And of course, my favorite... a beautifully dark song about the dark life of Dick Turpin, highway man

There was a list someone wrote about "Worst songs to listen to during sex"... I think I have to agree, Rammstein is indeed the least sexy thing to listen to!

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