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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Epilepsy Awareness Day, 2015

There's a reference in there, regarding rather blessed sheep and knights, that doesn't make a lick of sense without a video. Meet my favorite- or unfavorite, geographically challenged crusaders . I would probably worry for the poor guy who decided that he should bring a map. These are the correct coordinates:

Right. That's pretty straightforward. 
Except: they went further into Hungary, as opposed to continuing the straightforward diagonal line south east. 
Following a goat, who had been blessed by the Holy Spirit (and proved to be a dish fit for a deity.
Then further lack of geographical skills meant that a Divine Goose was served up. If chicken is alá king, then this was- using the Mediaeval Latin of the time:
Perhaps- divino numine autem

I'm not being too picky. Emico was a bully who got his comeuppance and made a goose of himself. Maybe those animals were blessed after all, because he never made it to Jerusalem to bully more Jewish people, instead, going back home in high dudgeon.

I use this when people get lost: "Did you see ghostly Knights, a goose, and a goat out there?" 

Anyway, thanks for the help and love. My goose and goat are better map readers!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Gum Wrapper Catechism

Many of us know that our green Catechism is great for: Learning to walk straight, at the risk of your noggin, seating short people so they're at the same level as the rest of us, and could possibly stand to be distilled down to:
1)Don't be a jerk
2)Don't waste that which is essential for life- ie: Food, water. Retailers should donate clothes they won't sell rather than make them unwearable. If a homeless person falls asleep outside your church- or in it, gently wake them and say, "Hey, want coffee?"
3)Be kind.
4) Be honest
5)Live simply
6) I'm trying to type this with a straight face, please bear with me. Thinking can be essential. Please give your brain exercise. Don't OVERTHINK. Over-thinking causes nothing, and accomplishes nothing but suffering. Do not cause other living beings to suffer,  and do not allow yourself to suffer, as you too, are a living human being.

Now- hyphens. Hyphens can meld together two last names, can stand for an interrupted thought, -or, train of thought- they can let people know if there's a line break and you have to cont-
The word on the next line.

But there are far too many bloody hyphens. Nice-Stalin. Anarcho-syndaclist-democrat. Let's  say a person's name is Ashley Smith-Smythe-Fogge- Featherstonehaugh-Abernathy. You're thinking "how many times have they MARRIED? Was THAT necessary?!"
Some hyphens work this way... they make me or the general you, the you in general, scratch their heads and say "What?! HOW... That..makes no sense!

Hmmm... remember Gaston the French Waiter from The Meaning of Life "?
"When I was just a little boy, my mama, she say to me, 'Gaston, my son, the world is
a beautiful place. You must... go into it, and try to love everyone. Well, it's not much of a philosophy, I know..."
Or, the advice Suri gives if she's not answering "chocolate" or "42".

Try to be nice to people, avoid eating fat, read a good book every now and then, get some walking in, and try and live together in peace and harmony with people of all creeds and nations.