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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Epilepsy Awareness Day, 2015

There's a reference in there, regarding rather blessed sheep and knights, that doesn't make a lick of sense without a video. Meet my favorite- or unfavorite, geographically challenged crusaders . I would probably worry for the poor guy who decided that he should bring a map. These are the correct coordinates:

Right. That's pretty straightforward. 
Except: they went further into Hungary, as opposed to continuing the straightforward diagonal line south east. 
Following a goat, who had been blessed by the Holy Spirit (and proved to be a dish fit for a deity.
Then further lack of geographical skills meant that a Divine Goose was served up. If chicken is alá king, then this was- using the Mediaeval Latin of the time:
Perhaps- divino numine autem

I'm not being too picky. Emico was a bully who got his comeuppance and made a goose of himself. Maybe those animals were blessed after all, because he never made it to Jerusalem to bully more Jewish people, instead, going back home in high dudgeon.

I use this when people get lost: "Did you see ghostly Knights, a goose, and a goat out there?" 

Anyway, thanks for the help and love. My goose and goat are better map readers!

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