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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Up in the Stars...

For a dear friend:
May the cosmos resonate with the sound of Ozzie. It hurts to lose you and your kindness here on this earth... You, who hated anyone being mean to, or hurting, another living soul. You, who have been, too many times. And never took. At the risk of this turning into  "Mandy"...
You're out of pain now. You see your mom and your brother. No more worries, no more pain.

I keep thinking of the Little Prince for you... And it's appropriate in many ways. We could stand to face the world woth wide eyes, with hope, like children again. With simple generosity. You've taught me a lot, and I'll relish your company, and Ozzie Osborne, and think of you.
Goodnight, Jamie.
Rest awhile. Thank you, for love and your gentle nature. I'll grieve not to see you here, laughing and rocking out, like a boss.

'When you look up at the sky at night, since I'll be living on one of them, since I'll be laughing on one of them, for you it'll be as if all the stars are laughing. You'll have stars that can laugh!'

And he laughed again.

'And when you're consoled (everyone eventually is consoled), you'll be glad you've known me. You'll always be my friend. You'll feel like laughing with me. And you'll open your window sometimes just for the fun of it...And your friends will be amazed to see you laughing while you're looking up at the sky. Then you'll tell them, "Yes, it's the stars; they always make me laugh!" And they'll think you're crazy. It'll be a nasty trick I played on you...'

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