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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Viva La Brains!

Another walk on the lighter side.

It's well-known that I love brains and skulls.
That I'm a proponent of cherishing, honoring and saving them, and finding cures for what ails them.

Let's walk on the light side. Let's honor and cherish that pink, wrinkly little organ that allows us to move, eat and love. To contemplate the mysteries of the universe. To decide. :-)

Dearest Brain, I love you so much. You frustrate me, but only on occasion.
Love, Beth

Keep being weird. I <3 you, so. ~B.

So, if we are honoring our brains, how do we do it properly?
Increasing the amount per hour for epilepsy research would be lovely. At present, epilepsy research is not very cost effective, making roughly, -2¢/ hour. Epilepsy Day at Disney Land- November 5th! will donate $5 of each $90 ticket to the cause. That's not enough, surely? Can we do better? Don't we have to? Why is breast cancer- and their advertising leaves out the MEN who also are at risk for and acquire breast cancer- getting the bulk of the money? And for what? More greasy pink buckets at KFC? More pink toasters? What are we paying for, exactly?!

Start small, start simple, I guess. Rest when you need to. Eat well. Treat yourself. Don't just take it when people treat epilepsy like you just said that you didn't like their new haircut or wanted to blow something up. Speak up for yourself. Start with your body, your brain. Love your quirks. Love yourself. Practice what you preach. :-)

And... remember what Grandma always said and use a dang coaster. <3. These won't donate to research, but you'll make Grandma happy!
Thanks to Nerdist and Think Geek for the brain specimen coasters.

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