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Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Care and Feeding... Part II: the Unscientific Poll

In an informal poll of people with epilepsy, I can probably guess that an over-whelming proportion of answers to "What is your biggest trigger" will be "Stress".

In life... :

I'm actually curious to see if my theory is correct. (This is not at all scientific, although I have watched people with different disabilities, and without, for some time. It becomes second nature.  It might even be a tautology of sorts... because what causes a weapon to fire? One presses down ON the trigger. What causes one to crook their finger and fire the weapon?)

It also seems to become second nature to wonder what would happen if the unforseen event hadn't occurred. I'm afraid to say, that 12, nearly 13 years of this struggle, and I'm a bit too used to it. I can't imagine. What I've lost, has often been for the better. What wasn't, taught me a lesson that I needed, made me stronger, built... eugh... character.

How would my life be different without epilepsy?
Well, I'd never know that I could break concrete with my head. My parents joked that it'd be possible, I don't think they knew that one day, I'd test their theory. I wouldn't have seen those weird facial expressions people make when they're trying to hide their disdain. I probably would have a completely different reason to go after Doofus for taking or attempting to take away freedom. When invited to a concert, I wouldn't ask first, "Do y'all use a lot of strobes"? I wouldn't wear my sunglasses at night, which is a shame. I look FABULOUS in my sunglasses. I'm too used to it, I think. But I wouldn't have had people taken from me that I care about. I wouldn't have met more. I would have found strength elsewhere. 

What would you change? Would you? Has something negative led to a positive? I can tell you this: I am a stubborn snot monkey, who has been blessed with wonderful people who love me because I'm me, and know that I'm wonderful even if I'm not quite myself. I just wish I wouldn't have had to test it like this! 
What is your biggest trigger for seizure events?
Emotional upsets
All of the above/ other
Missed Medication
Nutritional imbalances
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  1. The screen doesn't like my ID, but that's ok. I'm the support staff for a person with epilepsy. We've been dealing with it approximately 25 years. The triggers are in order: fatigue, missed meds and stress. Although if you look at the labs, it is often electrolyte imbalances, sometimes sodium, other times potassium.

    1. Thank you. Oh, it doesn't like ME much, either. One day I'll find a better platform. Ah, fatigue... How did I miss THAT?