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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Badly Drawn Cartoons No. 1: Conjugating the Verbs For "Go"

In English: "Exit, pursued by a bear". Literally translated, "(He) exits and is pursued by a bear". This is what I do if I'm not pacing during a phone call. Expect a lot of these.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What Is The Meaning of Life Part One Gazillion

I'm thinking both that, this is essentially the best way to base your philosophy and your ideologies on... (or do we need to have them at all?) Thanks, Siri.It's nice when my Monty Python love and my half-hearted questions to Siri actually click together. And when a computer actually can understand me!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Dream Team Tea Party

A question like, "If you could have X number of people to dinner, living or dead, who would they be?" sometimes goes around.
My follow up questions are as follows:
1)If your guests include Gandhi and Jesus, along with a polarizing figure like Joseph Stalin, I'd think that your menu choices would be limited and one of the four, (Because you're hosting) would be slightly peeved and probably not add much to the "epic" chatter you'd like to have. Sadly--- because that really would be epic.
2)Do they actually have to be people?

But, the classic "Dinner Party" set up by Judy Chicago got me thinking.(I'm sure Judy Chicago agonized over which historical figures to add...and she blended together quite a mix, of saints and villains.). The feminist angle is not what I'm looking at, (although it does permeate, and is, kind of the point.)  but I would relish hearing the Empress Livia ask Queen Elizabeth I to pass the salt or what she thinks about the poet Homer.

I've been building a dream team to invite to tea... it gives me something to do when my brain does its' nightly overthinking. (Usually at three AM, having woken me up to tell me all about it.)
So far, I'm stuck, having given myself an unlimited list.

My dream team tea party is as follows:
1)Stephen Fry (Who can keep the bon mots flying, and discuss his numerous trips to Africa, among other places, with wit and charm.)
2)The Empress Livia herself (Fascinating, even if she wasn't the cold, calculating murderess/ sarcastic bitch portrayed on I, Claudius. She was, at the very least, stubborn, strong, and a survivor. Magnificence.
3)Si├ón Phillips, in or out of stolla. An utterly fascinating actress and woman of her own right, whose depiction of Livia helped foster the "Magnificent Bitch" stereotype we have of her.
4)Cthulhu- because... Awesome, that's why. 
5)Really awesome biker couple that must have epic tales to go with their tats and Rockabilly looks. 

And they already look like they're dressed for it.


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mama's Got a Brand New Bag

New opportunities have arisen. Now adding to my teaching gig, I've added features writer, designer, and brand manager at Epiphanies Magazine to my bag. Because of a death in the family, and because I don't want to make myself sick and screw up four months without a tonic clonic seizure- or make my smaller staring spells, which I'm trying to correct, worse, I'm attempting to take it easy, ask for help when I need it. I've managed to learn HTML coding, studied up on RSS on the train to visit friends, (I'm thinking I'm meant to write a travalogue, but I'm still recouping... travel is never never a good time to learn about a death, sudden or not.) and did off-season Latin homework for my courses, in which I cannot converse vebally, unless I'm asking a question, accidentally slipping into it, doing a translation, or catching bits of Spanish or Italian (I did manage to translate a short conversation from a British show that sounded more like, "How long can we keep this up?" "Well, with my liberal arts degree...") but hold a solid 96% in class work. I'm ensuring that I celebrate the good, too. And look forward to more of it.

As brand manager, I know getting the design as simple and memorable as possible is the best way. I had one particular design I liked, but it ended up being too much blank space, so I took the basics and simplified, after asking select people to take a look for me.

I also tried my hand at an app for Epiphanies' social media presence, and learned how to build the basic template for those. Thankfully, Como did the QR code, although that should be a cinch to learn.
Below: A QR code for the Epiphanies app, a lazy 2 hours in the making. Compared with learning Wordpress, HTML, attempting RSS, and some odd dreams from this endeavor, this was a lazy chunk of time!
I will be looking around and improving as time goes on, and am grateful for the responsibility.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Memoirs from Tralfamadore

When I was a child, if you'd asked me what I thought heaven was like, I would have given you a description of people living in small glass apartments with 1950s and 60s appliances- avocado and sunburst, I think they're coming back! With radios and a rabbit -ear television. Heaven supports the aluminium industry.
 There were lush plants too... but I was limited in speech and everyone kept staring at me.

I realized what I was describing, other than the sex and the aliens, unless somehow, we're really the aliens- and sometimes, I wouldn't fight you on that- when I first read Slaughterhouse 5 and got to Billy Pilgrim's adventures on Tralfamadore.

So, at 4, I was either psychic and describing a book I hadn't yet read, psychic and describing neo- 60s minimalist decor,  or... I've been to Tralfamadore. Or... I'm just a colorful dreamer.

Monday, April 28, 2014

On Triggers, On Remedies, and All That Jazz

The first answer for many people when asked, "What are your triggers?"- when it comes to epilepsy, that is, is stress. While a full blown- episode might not develop, a tendency to do a blank-stared wander about (if I'm getting lost, I mean to do so purposely!)
-might develop. It's always funny- in fact, hilarious- later!
I guess I've learned this: my humor is odd and is very healthy!

Still going strong... No tonic-clonics for 12 weeks now. The minis can go... preferably somewhere in the deep south with a rather hot and arid climate!- and the "I can't brain" moments where every action is done like an automaton... I can look dear friends in the eye, have no freaking clue who they are, but do something like wave or smile because part of me says, "This is expected, act normal and no one will notice." It's a lie!

But I got myself together... and will pray for no repeats of that particular move... in the meantime, time for quiet, for comfort foods, for happy music.

I also enjoyed a wonderful and glorious performance by Cecile McLorin Salvant at Albright-Knox Art Gallery, and was delighted, stunned, and taken aback. And stress melted away. I can over- think another day! (Or, work on NOT doing so!)

With jazz, with scatting and a free, open, lyrics and flourishes, I can sit back and let myself get caught up... and no one worries if I'm enraptured, transfixed, or swaying. :-)

Note: at Saturday's concert, the ultimate line in "If This Isn't Love..." was, "if this isn't love... I'll kiss your ass!"

Thank you, to a dear friend for taking me, her children not liking jazz (You poor loves!) and 2 sets of people having to pass tickets on! I'll take it as a Godsend.

As for ass KICKING, it's my turn. I'm beating this, and sorting out! To... a state where I'm not worried about, "Oh, gosh, something's going wrong..."
Time for joy!
Cecile McLorin- Salvant: If This Isn't Love...

Friday, April 25, 2014

Backstage in Biscuit-Land

Tourette's Hero is a spectacularly funny woman and one of my favorite Super Heroes. By day, she's an adorable curly- headed lady with a tendency to tic, "Biscuit!" and what seem to be fantastic recipe and craft ideas. Jess, who suits up in blue spandex and a mask, has also given me fabulous ideas, both for rewarding myself when I go seizure free, and when I have to go back to square one: laugh about it, and make sure you reward yourself. 

Jess is a gifted, natural comedian and is trying to get her act, "Backstage at Biscuit Land" to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I know I'll have to YouTube or hope it's on Comedy Night on the CBC- and I can't wait, even if I can't be at the Fringe myself to cheer her on. 

Check out her fantastic blog, too, at Up, up, and a biscuit! It's... Tourette's Hero!

Please enjoy the video, and let's help a hero out!