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Friday, October 14, 2016

Mystic Monk Snickering Monk Candy Bar Review

Today, I celebrated 9 months without any seizures. One of the tricks I like to use, to keep me going, is using a reward for each month, called a squeaky pig, which has consisted of a copy of Winnie the Pooh's adventures in Latin- AKA Winnie Ille Pu (complete with original illustrations, which is lovely for learning verb tenses... "he climbed and he climbed, and he climbed...") Sometimes, it's helpful to ask for help. Sometimes, you need to kick your own butt. And sometimes, you need to give yourself encouragement.

My treatment plan since January has consisted of medication and the keto diet. This has been tough, because I've always had a sweet tooth. (I have tried a sip of soda here and there-and 7 Up, after a small procedure to correct issues with my jaw- injuries during seizures had left it off kilter, and grinding my teeth had left me a few broken ones. I spent about a week after on soft foods. It is a weird experience-at first, and yet, I find that I'm not as tempted to cheat, because I feel better- and sodas and sugary things can taste ODD when you're not used to them. But, I've been craving a candy bar for a while.Luckily, I came across Mystic Monk Snickering Monk Candy Bar.
I received my bag of coffee beans just yesterday, and had to restrain myself so I could taste test to celebrate being nine months entirely seizure free, (75% of my goal to be one year seizure free... DONE!)
It is not overly sweet, but is absolutely reminiscent of a Snickers bar. It is absolutely marvelous, and I am over the moon and doing my best to save the beans for celebratory reasons. My usual coffee has become Marley Coffee's One Love blend, which is also marvelous. I highly recommend the beautiful blends from Mystic Monk. If you'd like some lovely, smooth coffee with that hint of chocolate, caramel, and peanuts, act now, because it will be gone at the end of the end of October- to be back next year. They've definitely made a returning customer. Warning: Does contain essences of peanuts. Five stars! *****

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