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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

NPR and Benediction

I listen to NPR occasionally- sad that at present, some in politics wish to remove their funding.

Back in March, they introduced Thurston Moore's Benediction. Thurston Moore is known to many via Sonic Youth. Strong, sweet, full of soul and spirit.
I have been loving on the song ever since, and really really am glad it's catching up at the more "Mainstream" spots so everyone can enjoy it.

Simple pleasure strike like lightning scratches cross her name
Whisper I love you my darling life is just a flame

Yes, I am musically psychotic, loving music from across the board, and wide number of sources. It's available via free download from NPR, please enjoy!

And support National Public Radio. It has given us many gifts, don't let it be lost.

To download free, click here:
Free Download of Benediction From NPR

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