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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tweaking Recipes

I've been hearing it a lot: "Gluten free food is icky! I tried rice noodles, oh, so awful!"
Herein lies the reason to TEST TEST TEST. I have celiac disease and perfectly functioning taste buds. Some foods are God-awful. What comes to mind here is the Ener-G brown rice loaf. But, frozen or kept at shelf-stable temperature, it doubles as a great way to ensure intruders leave quickly.

I will generally test any foods that come into my home: I have high standards, and I have a nephew with gluten-free needs too. At 7 he is quite picky, so of course, if it doesn't pass the tests, no matter if it's gluten-nut-egg and dairy free, if it doesn't taste good, I don't recommend it.
Currently I am hoping to find, or bake and test a GF challah, a traditional Jewish bread, known for a beautiful braided pattern.

Sure, I have to tweak recipes... I'm attempting to find a gluten-free challah or equivalent, may just use a new bread I just found made from corn and rice flours, that is actually light and fluffy. Thanks so much to http://www.schar.com/us/about-schaer/ who actively works to make things taste good, not be a utility food or a "substitute". "Food substitutes" are not food, and will not go in my kitchen. Period.
Therefore, if I'm writing a recipe, it is tested, and vetted by non-celiacs, who of course generally eat the foods I cannot, and have different things that their tastebuds are acclimated to. These are actually invaluable, and I don't think of them as "guinea pigs". Eating cookies with me, Mom has asked if they're really GF and worried I was going to get sick! I actually had to show her the ingredients involved. This is a good thing, indeed (Shut up Martha Stewart.)

The challah could be invaluable, see, I want to try this, a cinnamon and vanilla French toast, one of the coatings is a bit of brewed tea.
So that will be a test of the  Schär bread.

Bigelow Tea Vanilla and Cinnamon French Toast Recipe

Wish me luck, but if I can't find a GF challah, I know I have something just as good.
If you'd like to eat with me, we can work something up, and I love getting recipes to play with. 

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