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Friday, May 20, 2011

Iron Stilletos

The basic inspiration was the stress I see around me, and a rather old film-noir where a pair of possessed ballet slippers cause a ballerina to dance herself to death. Somehow, I combined that and the tales of the iron torture devices where a person was placed inside, and a fire built under them, to slowly cook them as they screamed. 

Remember you
The world spins without you, it's true
Do your feet hurt from the ill-fitting heels
Of iron heated to glow like the light from a thousand suns?
You took them on, torturous shoes
And now walk, stunned

The shoes are not yours
They can only pinch
And scar your feet, whilst you can only flinch

Tap Tap Tap
You walk, wincing all the way
Haven't you had enough
Of walking a tight-rope over hot coals
With a sadist shaking, so that you occasionally fall?

Take off your iron stilletos
They weren't made, or shaped for you
Walk bare-foot and hold onto what you believe
Even as fire rains from the heavens
And the sun stands still in the sooty sky above

Don't take on what was not meant for you
Enjoy the good, look forward and not back
Take off your ill-fitting shoes
Never take "Walk a mile in my moccasins" literally
But try to understand others
you'll be understood soon enough.

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