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Friday, May 20, 2011

A Farewell To Arms

Dear me, people are getting dumber.

I went a searching for some new books- prices, etc, shop & compare-  I have books to replace! And was absolutely stunned.

An Etsy seller, whom I shall give the moniker, "New England In Photos"*, is selling "handmade greeting cards"...she scrawls messages across old book pages. The book of choice? Anne Frank: Diary of A Young Girl.
On what looked like the very last entry, when I magnified it, was scrawled: "And they all lived happily ever after."
Don't get me wrong- I have one hell of a warped sense of humor. Recently, I informed a really guillable person that Lizzy Borden invented clotted cream. They almost didn't catch that I was being sarcastic to prove a point.
But... really? And on a vintage 1952 edition, that could have been preserved, you write that? And then sell it as a wedding congratulation?!
What next? I know if I were an amputee, I'd be delighted if my get well soon card were scrawled in the front cover of "A Farewell to Arms"- don't deface books, Christ! If they're falling apart, find a way to preserve them, geez! But really... the only way you could possibly sink lower in defacing a diary page would be to write it in German.
NEIP--- you're a schmuck.
I'll explain this, in little words if I can:
Anne Frank and her family were arrested by the gestapo in 1944.
Her mother starved trying to save food for her daughters. While separated from them.
She died just days before the camps were closed and the "Great Plan" was put to an end. Her father was the ONLY one who SURVIVED. The book that was defaced (Yes, DEFACED) was published posthumously. While I have a new, unsanitized version, which is quite an eye-opener, actually, I would not deface it.

But, while we're at it:
Wouldn't a page from Rosemary's Baby be lovely for a Christening?
Mein Kampf for a bar mitzvah?
You already pushed the boundaries of twisted humor and grace, why not go further?

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