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Monday, May 16, 2011


My beautiful, smart, curious girl...eyes always full of wonder, always needing to know exactly what's going on and how it works.

My little Lorelei- with eyes of the bluest sky... is five!
We went through 33 weeks sharing a body, some time after sharing numerous illnesses...and time where we curled up and rocked and "danced" cheek-to-cheek- or as the folks at HBO's Classical Baby called it, with their "tuxedoed" black sheep and his lady in the white fleece evening dress- "Sheep-To-Sheep".
We fought through the meningitis together, the spinal taps... it didn't hurt me nearly as much as it did when I had to be separated while they did yours---and your painful shrieks could be heard down the hall!
There's been pain in abundance, little girl.
And the joyful moments... reading in the sunlight, watching the deer and the little birds that seemed to sing just for you... your giggles, your curiosity.
Your look of concentration, in the swing, clutching your little jar of bubbles.
My beautiful, dainty, silly, seldom-smiling (when you do, it's like the sun burst from the clouds)- girl, Happy Birthday. I loved you even when you were about the size of a little tadpole. And I will love you always, no matter what. Mama loves you.
Baby girl, promise me... no matter how often someone says "You can't"... show that you can. Don't lose yourself- don't stop fighting- and know you're always in my heart, the first thing I think about in the morning, and the last thing at night.
At your first birthday party in 2007. You were so messy and so happy! :)
May 16th, 2006. The very first time I got to hold you. 

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