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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Noah's Spaceship

Getting a bit old and ragged- lost some resilience :( 
"Noah's Spaceship" was an off the cuff moment that inspired my favorite picture, one that is crumpled & aging but will forever be one I adore. I'm currently off in search of a good frame for it, but I like it on the fridge.
One day, trying to keep the calm, I sang and did motions on the Unicorn Song, done by the Irish Rovers and many more. And told the story of Noah. The song went over great, but... Angel-Baby wasn't having it.
So, keeping the details of Noah's ark intact, (mostly) I changed the planet to- I think it was Ork, you know, where Mork from Mork&Mindy hailed from, and the Ark became a Space Ark. This was brutally off the cuff, so it wasn't "Meteor showers for 40 days" (Keep It Simple, Keep It Simple.), but a simple regular watery flood. I found out fast: 3 year olds draw really awesome turtles, sheep and spaceships! I drew an alien, first, to show her what the ET Version of Noah might look like, and then she took over. This is a really awesome kid, and I can't believe she'll be 5 soon! Where ever does time go?
Love you sweetpea. Always. Fair weather or foul. Hold on tight.

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