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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Does Drama Have Templates?

Drama in general falls into a rather formulaic pattern. I'm almost led to wonder if there's a copy-and-paste, insert name here template. (This is a general blanket statement.) All names are false, as this is a simple musing, and not meant to be taken as anything but.  No real persons are mentioned herein.No one is intended harm. There is an X in the right upper hand corner. More or less, a simple observation.

The party of the first part loses cool. Loses temper. May lash out.
The party of the second part says "Oh, no, you didn't!" Rather than focusing on the issue, the POTSP, hereafter known as "Kate", lashes out at the POTFP, whom we shall call "Mickey."
Mickey has two choices. Mickey can either say "OK, I've done all I can, and laugh at any ludicrous accusations. Or Mickey can fan the flames.
Kate has been known to find nasty evidence or do character interviews biased against Mickey and then throws them in Mickey's face. Well, Mickey, what will you do now?
Mickey can defend shimself, but it will likely lead to more nastiness. Mickey can be straightforward, honest & stick by those who have proven themselves, and let it slide. Mickey can wipe off shim's boots and do some walkin' shimself.
It's a rather formulaic pattern. Over simplified and minus legalese I've accidentally picked up here and there:
 Person A says "Person B is a slut/user/abusive" Person B. says "Oh no, you didn't!" "Person B writes inflaming person A." Person A fans the fire, and so forth.
Now, I did not factor in Persons C & D who can become collateral damage. That will not be in a next installment, as I hope to not discuss them again.

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