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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Support 1 in 133

Traveling with food allergies and sensitivities has its' own special brand of entertainment.
G&C went to Hartford CT for another one of the crazy meetings that G. tends to go to, part of her job, plus pampering for G. who can't sit still either. Hotel staff wasn't helpful, faced with a child with the egg, dairy,soy and gluten-free needs C. has. I told her "Two words: Whole Foods." (Their GF selection is huge, and while our nearest is Oakville, Ontario-I am debating a passport- I have been in quite a few when on solitary jaunts.) After a 5 minute drive for G. while I waited with baited breath "Please, please, please, let there be only a small amount of going through labels going 'that's ok, that's ok, that's ok---oh, damn it!' if there has to be any."

As for labels, it's still iffy. As of yet, although the FDA has been sitting on it since 2007, there is no labeling standard for foods. Facts like these allow for chancers and charletons. Some companies work hard in spite of it:
No Cheerios, but I can have rice chex again (not keen on trying the chocolate ones), Progresso lists allergens contained in bold and uses a different formula than flour as a thickening agent in things like mushroom soup, which is actually, not bad, with actual mushroom slices though, so it can be a bit of a surprise.
(when you have cream of mushroom, generally, you just get this can of whitish goo.)

What the idea is, is:
1 in 133 is on the forefront of the labeling act. The FDA made some big promises at a summit in DC, perhaps entranced by a gluten-free cake over 11 feet high, baked at a dedicated gluten-free Whole Foods Bakehouse over days, in North Carolina. (A layer cake built at the summit.) We'll see if they keep them or keep sitting on   the issue. They are looking for standard labels, particularly for those who have celiac, gluten sensitivities, gluten intolerance, etc... (Any number of people can have some sort of an issue.)
There are letters on the site- See the Support 1 in 133 widget upper right- for the FDA, and more information.
I sense more of these summits and hope to go to one. Progress may be slow, but thank God, some do get it.

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