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Friday, May 13, 2011

Celestial Teapots

When you try to learn new things, particularly so you can attempt to see all sides of the issues at hands- (ATTEMPTS--- actually being able to do so was shown in a particular Calvin & Hobbes cartoon to actually be as confusing as the attempt... everything just ends up looking discombobulated and wrong!)

People can fight, daily, over what religion, if any, is right, or how to do it, or does God exist? Or, you can smile and remember everyone's entitled to what they choose to believe (Forcing it on someone is another ball of wax altogether.) So...learn from each other if you have various views, don't fight about it. But in the interest of peace-keeping, and because I love and believe the best humor is odd at its' best, self-depreciating at its' worst (If something bugs me, I will likely try to make a joke out of it, because seeing things too seriously would crush me.)
It also is great if it's subtle enough that a few people stare at you a little open-mouthed with that "I don't get it" expression-until VOILA! Realization strikes.

So, something that perhaps we all could agree on, or smile at, and isn't that lovely?
The Celestial Tea Pot Theory.
(Yes, I will poke fun at religion, I distance it from faith, which is what you are, how you apply what you believe.)

"The burden of proof in making scientifically unprovable and unfalsifiable claims, falls upon the "philosopher" (generally of the arm-chair variety, quite frankly)- "making such claims."
The logic: "You can't prove me wrong, ergo, I am right."
 Too pretty of a day-80 degrees and getting some sun on my legs- to really begin to philosophize: Do what you do. Live what you do. Be what you say, say what you are. Acknowledge your screw ups, and bless those who curse you.
Now get out there and enjoy yourselves.

This of course, does not match the basic theory, and no, I will not give up what I believe, although I'll learn more. But today, if not in this sense, but perhaps in the original (literal) one, I am ateapotist.

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