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Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunrise In The Land Of Milk And Honey

For those who had their salad days in the 90's, Cracker seems to be a big favorite.
I've loved them myself, having been exposed via G- I remember when Kerosene Hat was the big song!

Sunrise in the Land of Milk & Honey is really a great album- and bringing in Adam Duritz (Counting Crows, another band I adore) to sing, especially on Darling One...
It's so easy to tell people who spend most of their time taking care of everyone else, "Rest your worries, darlin'." Sure, they never can, but they appreciate it!

Cracker is great in the studio apparently... I've seen them drunk off their arses at a few shows, like the one G and I went to...the opening band, Starling, an indie band out of Canada, were actually better that night. A shame I can never find their songs- but I got a demo disc- so I'm not too upset. (I recently digitized it, so that it gets preserved.) But I had heard recordings, and liked them very much from there.

But not so good in person... here's a video---not a lot of clarity, but I found a clear version with help from Mr. Duritz searching high and low. Still, the Cracker concert at a bar that caught fire not long after (insurance, apparently.) is a cherished memory for G and I.

I hear a voice that fights the wind
The rain that keeps fallin'
And I feel a river rushin' in
Between you and me

You keep lookin'
For somethin' that's not lost
I wish that somehow
I could get you across

Link to the song, via what is apparently the Cracker Channel, and I have found what seems to be the only video- where they try, but somehow clarity is lost. Enjoy the heart and gentleness.
Darling One

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