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Friday, May 27, 2011

The Cola Wars

Oh, those pesky Cola-Wars.

Apparently Pepsi-Cola has developed a relationship with Senomyx. Senomyx does stem-cell research. Notably, testing and production of new artificial flavors.
Okee dokee.
Ah, but stem-cells, what does that bring to mind? Christopher Reeve? Vincent Price in a white lab coat laughing with sardonic glee over precious cells from a murdered patient? Yeah, that. Right there.
A google search into info on the subject brought me nothing from actual news sources. Not even Fox, which I shudder to refer to as a news source. But numerous right wingers... (I am mostly anti-abortion myself, allowing for rape, particularly if Mom has a disability (Down's Syndrome, notably- but she must be allowed to choose within the best of her abilities,) or severe illness of mother. Also, it is not the person I'd go after... if I disagree with an issue, I still would rather take into account the distress and fear many abortees go through.)
But... let's see:
1)Scare tactics. (AGAIN?!)
2)Guilt factors
3)OMG! BOYCOTT! (Get the facts, THEN make a decision)
4) ????
5)Profit! (Profit BEING- hmmm... scaring the living shit out of people with nothing to back it!

So, if I read it straight, kidney cells can create artificial flavors? Who is the researcher, Hannibal Lecter? "I ate his kidney with a nice cold Pepsi"? (It loses terribly... even Anthony Hopkins' accent could not class that one up.)
Pardon. The kidney cells apparently create new taste receptors. I beg pardon? So even if I have a glass of Tropicana... yeah... where is actual coverage? CNN? MSNC? Is this a new game by right wingers? Back in the 90's it was AT&T, SC Johnson Wax, Disney... that I recall. "Boycott this!" Nowhere in the Bible do I recall:
A) Christ having a cold one and then exclaiming "I doth taste the blood of the innocent"
B)Holding up picket signs in front of soda plants "Verily, I sayeth, Do not Drink Blood of Innocents"
Indeed, 9/10 of the time, the only anti-abortion sentiment would precede Christ, in Jeremiah. I know you, I always have, therefore you are and have always been human. And then, yes, in Hosea, on causing miscarriages purposefully. "Blood for blood."
If true, Pepsi is behaving abominably. If not, right wingers found another way to cause fear.
There is enough fear mongering. The way to love thy neighbor, the way to helping, is not to cause fear and anguish. It is moments like this where I slam my head against the wall, or face-palm til I bruise.
Google search results: WHERE ARE NEWS ORGANIZATIONS? Google results Pepsi Cola Stem Cell Research
Ps. Big corporations always do things we don't like. If we boycott everything because of their acts, we would have: No telecommunications. No foods, cleaning supplies, clothing, etc... face it, no matter what, something we need is based on the grace of a big faceless corporation somewhere.
There but for the grace of God go I... and more answers are needed.
Two wrongs don't make rights either... meaning: No matter who is pulling scare tactics, rather than facts, is no better than the person they are attacking.

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