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Friday, December 31, 2010

Counting Blessings After the Chaos/ Happy 2011

2010 was crazy. We saw Grandma go down hill quickly, after a short remission from lymphatic cancer. Her occasional confusion became full blown Alzheimers.
In August, she went in her sleep. Now for the will to get done so people stop attacking each other, it drives me nuts!
This and other issues have been on my mind of late... I think this will be the year of relearning trust and bringing my self made family closer.
We've had joys too... Many!
Connor got into a better school... he's been there a week and is a little scared, but has made 4 new friends already! With his silly, sparkly personality, he's sure to make more!
Me, I've been fighting with my legs. The pain, and not wanting to be arm candy, especially for a guy who I thought of as a friend, treats me like a child "Hey, kid"?- and thinks it's funny that I have small hands and my head  can be used as a rest for his arm- kept me from going to a party as live doll. In a way I'm grateful. Talked to another sister of mine, they're doing ok, just pining for Florida, boyfriend has to have surgery on coccyx, etc. But they enjoy their new dog from a shelter, so I'm thrilled for them. Little victories. Little Victories was the theme of 2010.
New place, out of Chautauqua County, and closer to things. Episcopal Mass was marvelous and I felt blessed that they worked with the Celiac community and that it is not religion, but faith that was tantamount. Marvelous people... new friends, old friends... I'm so happy we can all get comfortable and blend. I'm still healthier than I've ever been... it's true! So, 2011 is coming. We had the Chaotic Trifecta, '08-'10. Let's see what '11 offers!
Oh, and I got a pet. A bunny unofficially called Simon who walks with me, sits on me when I'm outside, and follows me to McDonalds in hopes that he can find french fries. He's a nice, quiet friendly bugger, and I like walking with him here and there. As odd as a girl and bunny might look walking!