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Thursday, December 23, 2010

So Wrong It's Right?

*The Church of St. Piddle-Paddle of the Fields and Streams invites you to a dinner of kielbasa and sauerkraut to celebrate the Feast of The Circumcision. Entertainment provided by Christian metal band, the Bobbits.
*I searched high and low for something that satisfied the "Yucky---cool!" mindset that is 6 year old boy. I found something great, Some experiments that toy lets you do are quite icky. and then did some research on Amazon. Among the descriptions, is "You can even simulate Jupiter's Big Red Spot". Part of me somehow read that as "You can stimulate Jupiter's Big Red Spot." I don't think I'll ever watch Clash of the Titans quite the same now. And "Release the Krakken!"? Oh Christ. Please help me. Laughter (at myself) is getting painful.
And by the by, didn't Zeus- Jupiter, in one old story, have a pedarastic relationship with a young boy?
It's mind- boggling.

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