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Monday, December 13, 2010

The Lucky 13

We will not achieve perfection in this lifetime. Sadly, there are over-thinkers and philosophy lovers and psych majors like me who will attempt anyway. It's all part and parcel of being a sick, broke, underemployed, charity-loving, (Giving, not getting) caffeine and nicotine addicted, OCD, (If I have a mess, you better believe, it's still "organized"!) and yes, over-thinking sensitive type like me.
I've learned in this life, that
1)Mistakes are really nothing to be afraid of. It's how we learn. Don't go out & purposefully screw up, you'll screw up just fine accidentally. I have learned to walk away, granted with pain because I could do nothing, when something was dangerous for me. Or someone. I learned electricity was powerful using a fork and an electric socket as a toddler. I've made mistakes so horrendous, it's a wonder I'm here now. And you know something? I'm better for it.
2)Sometimes, it is those we love, those who share our blood and make up part of our double helix that hurt us the most. Tough lesson to learn there.
3)Be kind to yourself. Sometimes, you'll be all you have.
4)Don't worry about everyone else. You need to work on YOU.
5)Love yourself. If you want love, you must first love and be comfortable with you.
6)It's perfectly OK to stumble. The person that helps you can be quite interesting, and indeed, unexpected. I once fell somewhere, and a rather smelly, dirty hobo type helped me. He was very fatherly, and despite the appearance and grossness, quite a gentleman.
7)Love you for your quirks and faults.
8)Understand that if you did not have much of a childhood- I can write full blogs on the sterile hospital rooms and the machines I saw myself and others on, that I came to know as friends- it gives you no excuse to be an ass when you see happy people. You can have the sweet and simple- make a cushion fort, wish for a large refrigerator box, the occasional toy here and there- but understand that sometimes, life sucks, and as an adult, one of the "Childish Things" you should put away is a petulant attitude, and a "Give me, I've had it tough. So therefore, I must be pampered" attitude.
9)If someone is actually kind to you, don't fuck it up.
10) If you have to choose between many bad friends and a few good ones, what makes more sense? Yeah, I thought so.
11) Don't fix that which is not broken.
12)Religion and faith are not one and the same.
 I see so many who have a lot of religion... perhaps even that "Old Time Religion"- but 0 faith. And that saddens me. We are here to love, to nurture, to care for those in pain. Not to judge, not to say "I am better than you", but to actually show who and what we are, and what we're made of.
13)Understand that you can only do so much sometimes. And sometimes, you have to save yourself.

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