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Friday, November 12, 2010

Yes, Bethy, There IS a Santa Claus

Macy's Department Stores have begun their yearly ritual, dropping off a letter to Santa at the North Pole in their special mailboxes.
Info, here: Believe!
Yes, I did write my own letter, and am passing along some notes and a stamp for my nephew to do the same. The Believe! Program donates $1.00 for each letter, to the Make a Wish Foundation.
Plus, with as rough as this year has been, a little child-like simplicity and that I can feel it, means a lot to me.
What did I ask for? A hippopotamus, world peace, etc... my usual. I must bore poor Santy Claus to tears. (Actually, following Eartha Kitt's example: I wouldn't mind a light blue convertible, either...)

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