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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Searching For Simplicity

I can't honestly say that as a child, my life was simple.
Oh, I had my days of grabbing my blankets and pillows, turning the kitchen chairs and all the couch cushions into a big fort, and reading by flashlight in my "safe" place :) (A lot of fun when company came over for coffee with Mom, haha!) or showing my visiting speech therapist the latest artwork, doll, or book I was reading (all the better to help me learn--- "This is Sally," or "This. I like this.") I had my star-gazing on an old WWII wool blanket Grandpa gave me for laying out on the grass. I had an older brother to alternatively torture and snuggle (he still occasionally does that!)
But I do recall simple moments, where I didn't need much... sitting on the old speakers, the old headphones on my head, speechless with excitement. I recall feeling rather floaty when I really liked something. I remember days of speech therapy where, if it went badly, I went to my room and hid under my covers until someone talked me out. Numerous trips to Grandma's when they thought I was too young and might get scared seeing Dad in a hospital bed. After a while, it became a fact of life, like the insulin in the refrigerator, or the numerous doctors he saw- some of whom, like our ENT, we actually shared or would end up sharing- like the kidney specialist/ surgeon. Yet again, it didn't seem odd to me to see the Gentle Giant laying in a hospital bed from the time I was 6 to about the time I was 12.
That scares me... that I could see a man with tubes everywhere, in a sterile room, and think nothing of it. Whenever we changed places, he was more than happy to ask me what a nice girl like me was doing in a place like that.
I never really knew the simplicity of childhood, I suppose... so now, I occasionally end up with this new zen attitude, attempting to actually learn and apply lessons from none other than Winnie the Pooh, but I've gotten to appreciate that. I do thank heavens, though, that I do know how to struggle, get by by the skin of my teeth. But sometimes, I just want to lay back and let the world spin without me for a while.

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