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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It Doesn't Mean What You Think...

Turning the other cheek:
I hear how the Bible contradicts itself, mostly because Jesus says "Turn the other cheek" and then, "I come not to bring peace but a sword". Ok, here's context.
The Romans brought a lot to Judea, indeed to the rest of the world. Roads, education, sanitation, safe streets, etc. But... they also were ruthless and often lorded it over those they ruled over. Often, to keep a "clean" hand, they'd smack a person, using the back of a hand, a bitch slap, if you will, which CAN bring out blood. Turning the other cheek said "Fuck you, you fucking fuck, if you're going to hit me, you're getting your hand dirty!" Turning the other cheek in this sense, means that you rotate your head so that, as the slap goes across, the palm will strike before the hand leaves the face. Interesting twist on a peaceful savior.
The upside down cross:
Oh, that's for Satanists! No! When they display that, they are accidentally celebrating Jesus Christ, not perverting his name as they please to do. St. Peter refused to be crucified right side up, as he "could not die like Our Lord". He died upside down, an already horrible death made nastier, to honor God. I giggle when I see the upside down cross as a Satanic symbol. Anton Levey, you drug-fueled freak!
I meant to write more, but am having a messed up time with my English tonight and had better quit while I'm ahead.

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