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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It Doesn't Rain But It Pours

I'm apparently not seeing things in the way they're intended... I'm finding sarcasm where there is none, laughing at things that normally would make me very mad...
I save the brunt of irritation for assholes.
Now, if I see you hurting yourself, damn right, I'll get pissed. If I see you hurting others, yup, the same goes there.
I'm not in my right mind... the past year is catching up to me... Aunt Marcia, taken down at 58 just before Thanksgiving '09 by ALS, mom and her issues after a bad cold/stress (Bell's Palsy...she's doing better, I again had to force her to go to the hospital and get checked out though.) Grandma...still haven't begun to grieve there. I don't sleep most often, I have a short deep sleep here or there and then feel like I'm missing something. I hurt. And this past Sunday, my friend lost her miracle baby, born at 20 some weeks... and after such a struggle. She'd had PCOS, Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, which altered her body, and made it difficult to conceive, a bad marriage she finally left, and after starting fresh, had a baby born at 28 weeks with numerous issues. He was a happy kid, enjoyed goofing off... I just looked at his Halloween pics again... he was a cute lil cheeseburger last week at his school, where he also enjoyed the help at a walk for special needs preschoolers. He had massive seizures. But he hadn't had one in a long time... so the guard was relaxed...and he had a seizure in his sleep and died in his sleep at 1:30 AM on Sunday. So if I seem a little inappropriate, I'm sorry... I'm just having a difficult time holding together...and I'm using a lot of gallows humor.
These are the days when it doesn't rain, but it pours.

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