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Friday, November 5, 2010

Today Belongs to Me

For Halloween, they say, there's a chance to create who you want to be. Or have fun. Or be silly. Or, in my case, to switch up the usual simple black cat or "I'm a human being!" costumes. I chose this time around to be goofy--- and to show my tougher, more womanly side. I don't do "Sexy for the sake of sexy" often- or on purpose, usually. So I went as a sort of uh... I hate this term because it doesn't quite ring right to me- "Sex Kitten". I am going in the exact opposite direction now!
Today, I'm taking the past many months, and using them for what they're worth- it's been rough, I've been sad, and there have been numerous things from just the past few years, and numerous close calls with death, many dealings with violence- and yes, truly advocating for revolution. We all need it. A complete turn-about. I have not, try as I might, forgiven, nor forgotten some painful stuff. I may forever have some evidence of them in my face. So, today, I celebrate, not Guy Fawkes, nor the failed Powderkeg Revolution. Today, I am letting my face say it all, while I be goofy, and using November 5th to spark my own miniature revolution- for me. Today- tomorrow- belongs to ME.
And, because I'm a nice sort: my other side. Not the trembly, goofy, "gentle" me, but the side of me I let only a few see. My "Sexy just for the fun of it side. Maybe."

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