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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Damn It, I'm Mad

Have you ever had a moment where someone says something so completely insane, or contains too much more information than you care to know?
First up:
A friend is dating- engaged to- a complete and total idiot. (This is nothing new, but having been on the other side, rather than the one attempting to hold on tight for them, my opinion is probably the last thing they want.) Yes, she is a very big girl. (As in, Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs would be utterly infatuated.) She has often engaged in risky behaviors, or let people walk on her in order to feel "love". (I occasionally want to snap my fingers in front of her face and say "Hello, Polly! Wake up, Polly!" in order to see if I can snap her out of it.) She is loving, sweet, gentle to a fault. I compare her to a rather sweet and clumsy puppy. The other day, after reading one of her posts on an assignment she was doing, I scrolled down to see that she was mourning because she obviously hadn't gotten pregnant yet. I feel very bad that I heaved a sigh of relief, but I don't need her going through it all with a baby involved. The erstwhile husband-to-be has yet to say something true, is constantly "looking for a job"- look I know it's hard, but 6 interviews a week? Really? Honey, you're not James Evans. And he occasionally found a job here or there. Polly* has yet to meet his parents, who apparently go inbetween visiting with him "in Vegas" (trips he goes on ALONE), to "disowning" him.- hence, no $.  he has separated her from her friends (we all ended up becoming like family in these past 8 years.) When she became very sick, for months, she kept on being sick, while he still used her for his personal needs. When finally forced to go to the ER, she was told she was in bad shape. Since he could not get up to the hospital to be with her, she walked out, AMA, as they wanted to keep her. What, might I ask, was he SO afraid of? So many men would heaven and earth during these moments! The stories he tells don't ring true. All in all, it's a familiar story, and I want to give her a good kick, but also grab her and hold her and tell her everything's gonna be OK.
Next is the entitled brat who realizes being a grown up is so hard. My brat of a cousin, who was taught to call adults, including mom and dad by their names, is offered whatever they want, if they'd just quit screaming, and so on and so forth. (This is also a kid who steals the money from the cards at her younger brother's graduation party.)
Sorry, kiddo, it doesn't fly with me. Especially when you look older than I do. It sounds like an old woman just behaving like a shit.
I'd feel for you, but you were taught selfishness as a virtue. It scares the hell out of me. The fact that you brag like that- you never were taught to rely on your brain, gut, or on honesty, it was ask, or scream, until it was given. Well, Happy Birthday, Petra Pan.

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