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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Music and My First Language

Some of you know that I'm trying to learn ASL... sort of my first language (sign and pantomime; my progressive Montessori preschool had us learning English only, so I have to relearn what I lost. As most figure... I still can't talk without my hands and body leading the way.) I also love music, particularly that which has a palpable heart beat (Like Epiphany by Staind, apparently about the lead's ADD, but with lyrics that can describe a host of things) or that with a video that shows people who may or may not hear well, or at all, blissing to music.
For this reason, I fell in love with a little indie film on 4 deaf/ HOH/ HI performers, See What I'm Saying, in particular, the classically beautiful and bright title song. And recently, with a little ditty called the Sound of Sunshine by Michael Franti. Check these out and enjoy!

1) The Sound of Sunshine, Michael Franti

2) See What I'm Saying, Powder, theme song of See What I'm Saying: The Deaf Entertainer's Biography

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