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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another Dystopian Landscape from the Files

In the time of sweet innocence
The pigtails flowed down their backs
Wide eyes faced the world, unabashed
In the time of sweet innocence
cheeks were round
and chins less sharp
Then there came a day, where the winds howled
and the November rains fell
The shy tried to venture forth
Straining to escape loving, but stifling arms
Into the cold, sweet round cheeks pink with excitement and exposure
The course words grated on ears that weren't ready yet
With eyes and hands, she tries to figure things out
But instead, finds herself being pulled, pushed, shoved
The room begins to whirl
And still she attempts to understand
While the cheap beer flows
And the nauseas smoke swirls
"I need to go" she says, not realizing, she can't even open her mouth in her panic.
And those she called "friend" leave
not realizing the pain and the fear
she is weighted to the sofa
Sitting straight as a little toy soldier
Arms pulled in close
"Run!" she tells herself
But while her brain is happy to oblige, her legs will not
And she sees the veil drawn in front of her eyes, first scarlet, then black
And into pain she falls, among the grime, among the danger...
And come the early hours, not safe for man nor beast, in the cold dark rain
She drags her body home, locked in silence, tears batted away

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