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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

WBC Tire Slashing

Westboro Baptist/ Tire Slashing

One part of religion I've always detested, probably WHY I always will choose faith over religion if I have to choose, is the amazing amount of people who hate for God. I detest what Westboro Baptist does. Fred Phelps makes me feel a bit sick. But it is not mature, responsible, or faithful to get back at someone you detest. Tampering with a vehicle, including slashing tires, is still a crime. Just as protesting a funeral should be, I don't care if the deceased was a one-eyed-one-horned flying purple people eater from Ork who committed terrorism- the family and friends deserve a chance to grieve. There is nothing mature, reasonable, or Godly, about slashing tires. (and believe me, I fully support or have done, some protesting myself, never in a religious vein however.) Fighting with a religious bigot is a no-win, time consuming proposition that leaves no one with dignity intact. Now, if you really want to practice showing God's love, even to those you don't like (Remember: Love thine enemy) keep your fat mouth shut and fix the tire. Or, you know, whatever else they might need. No, no great battles will be won. None were won in this situation, anyway. But in this way, you do not fall prey to becoming a selfish schlub who gets revenge on dense people.
The WBC does a fine job acting like idiots; you do not need to join them in that act!
1)The WBC should not be at any soldier's funeral
2)When they give the rally cry of "God hates fags" - they are attempting to speak for God.
3)It is illegal to screw with a car.
4)It is stupid to try to get revenge on, or get down at the same level as a religious bigot. Why would you want to be seen in this light?
 God does help those who work for Him. But doing something as stupid as screwing with a vehicle is probably not going to put a dent in the grand scheme of things. If they are going to be an example of hatred and intolerance, then it is up to those who actually work for God, to actually practice what they preach. I might detest someone's religious / political leanings, for example, but that doesn't mean I'll stoop to their level.
So I won't laugh at this article. I'll be sad, because someone's death turned into a circus for idiots. I'll be sad because there are people who hate for God and don't see the contradiction in it. I'll be sad because in anger, someone stooped to the level of the bigots.

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