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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tips from the School of Hard Knocks

My basic survival tips learned at the "School of Hard Knocks"
1) In a jam, a bit of instant hand sanitizer with alcohol doubles as a deodorant substitute.
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2)Is it humid? Is your hair a massive mess? I like to add a touch (meaning no more than a pea-sized amount of defrizz serum after I towel-dry my hair). I am not perfect, so occasionally work has to be done on the fly. A basic dryer sheet (try the unscented...YOU don't need to smell like summer flowers or fresh linen!) rubbed over the hair, and then combed, helps out beautifully.
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3) Are you a single woman? Did you come face-to face with someone threatening? As someone who has learned to defend themselves the hard way, I found that, because I lack brute strength, if I want to subdue an attacker, I can spray them in the eyes with hairspray... it will sting like hell, and if you've ever been around when people are using massive amounts of the stuff, it can temporarily glue the lashes shut. While they're weeping, or attempting to open their eyes DESPITE the pain, (and they will), run like hell!
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