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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Na Zadrowie!

Na zadrowie! (Polish for "To your health"- another cheer I like to give, much like Sto lat! which is a wish for the blessed to live 100 years of happiness- usually done on birthdays.)
Even in the darkest times, lord knows I've had my little attitude problem lately!- I thank God for many things, all the time, but ESPECIALLY on Thanksgiving and Christmas.
I am thankful that:
I recently rediscovered pancakes and they were more marvelous than I remembered.
My kidney function is better than it has been in oh, say, 27 years.You're reading that right.,.. it's the Lil' Kidney that Could.
I have friends who constantly want to make sure I'm OK, a mother who drives me nuts, drives like a drill sergeant on LSD (meaning: she's quite authoritive, but sometimes, she takes hair pin turns that freak me out)- and uses language I don't often hear out of her mouth, and I never feel unloved, even if I feel lonely. Because someone will pull me out of my slump.
Bad marriage- Learning from and getting a divorce!
My celiac diagnosis, which, oddly, caused my urologist to cancel surgery on my bladder and intestine when the issue suddenly disappeared. (Leading to a frightening moment where he gasped and said "What the heck?" I asked, fearfully, "Oh, no, what's wrong?" He said, laughing, "Look! The problem isn't there anymore! Keep doing what you're doing; (Prayer and diet), it's working!") It's annoying, and I miss some things, but... for me, I have my health. I might seem fragile, but this is healthy for me.
I could have been dead many times over: I AM ALIVE! I'll repeat that: I'M ALIVE!

If I am having a bad day: I try to think of all the good stuff, will kick myself in the butt if my attitude problem gets TOO bad and I count my blessings.
On this Thanksgiving, and as we enter the Christmas season,
Na zadrowie! May God bless and keep you! Sto lat!

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