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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Emo Cat, Emo Cat, I Love You...

So Halloween is over and November is upon us.
Right now, that means: Cheap candy! (Lots of it!), hot cocoa, soups and stews, baking and cooking, for the sweet smell of it.
Putting away the costume? Not yet. I want a pic of me in in (as does Mom and a few others) and as I managed a good burn on my head with my curling iron, I'm trying to make sure I look good. I have a slight OCD, even my messes are organized and I am my own worst critic. So expect to see my take on "Emo Cat/ Sex Kitten" soon--- (Emo cat, emo cat, it's not so bad...) I'm in the mood to play with angles. And I'm not quite ready to switch over to Thanksgiving Prep yet.

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