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Monday, November 29, 2010

My Velveteen Rabbit

Some nights, when it's quiet and still, if I peek out through the crack in my curtain, or if I'm outside and just quietly sitting, a little wild rabbit comes very close... he'll sit there for a good while, too... just quietly sitting. He's about the size of both of my hands together, and he runs if I move or when I go back in, but if I'm quiet and just read my books, which I'm famous for around the complex, apparently, he'll occasionally find a spot to get closer, but never less than 3-4 feet away. I've taken to referring to him as my very own little Velveteen Rabbit, a reference from a favorite children's tale of mine.
It's nice to have a pet again of sorts. I always manage to "befriend" one wild animal when I'm by myself outside, from a stray cat that would sleep on my feet, and was of such an orange-y color, I took to calling her Marmie, short for Marmalade. There were also the occasional rather tame birds who would sit near me, or the cricket, or, yes, the bat that scared me quite out of my mind. I took to simply, as the Beatles might put it, Letting It Be. He moved on shortly, and I thanked my lucky stars for that and that it was just a little fruit bat. I think he enjoyed greeting me by flying right towards me when I flicked a light on though!
I guess the wild ones see me as quiet and gentle, so they don't bother me. And that's OK.

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