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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Crisis of Religion

I am having difficulty at present, reconciling my faith- how I believe, what I believe, with the Pope, whom I usually only refer to as Mr. Ratzinger, Herr Ratzinger if I want to use my limited German, because I don't see him actually helping the sex abuse victims of clergy as he promised, particularly after his visit to Malta. It seems odd to me how we went from John Paul II, who as a young priest, Father, or Uncle Karil (this to keep the children he taught safe in WWII Poland and under Communist Regime) did his best to spite the Natzis, while Herr Ratzinger was a Hitler Youth. No matter that some joined to keep themselves safe... it just weirds me out. The past is not mine to judge. The present? Well, Mr. Ratzinger, where is the aid? I'll pray about this. Enough about Herr Ratzinger.
And now, the makers of the Pope's Cologne, which, golly gee, must be the bees' knees, have commissioned the world's first Scratch 'n' Sniff Holy Card. "The Pope's Cologne" is apparently made the same way as that worn by Pope Pius IX. Pope Pius IX is "canonized" even after his Vatican police kidnapped a Jewish boy from his family, whom Pius raised himself. What happened, apparently, was that a Catholic maid had illegally baptized the boy during an illness, and in that time (Mid-to-late 19th century) it was illegal for Jewish parents to raise their child, who being baptized, were considered Catholics. Apparently the child grew to love his foster-father, the Pope, because he himself fought for Pius IX's canonization. Woo hoo! I can smell the Pope's Man-Stink!
How saintly, Pope Pius.
Please note: I have no ill will towards the Catholic Church. If I see action, I myself will state, yes, I support Pope Benedict. But these are things all Catholics should ask: How are these humans, still capable of greed, sin, prejudice, and of inaction when action is needed most, infallible? Yeah, I'll be working on that. And working up a Confession... but I guess we all have a crisis of religion here or there. My faith is strong, My brain won't quit, and my flesh is weak.
Somehow, I don't find this saint reassuring.

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