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Thursday, November 18, 2010


Fate: Old crones measuring out the fabric of Life from a roll, One spinning the cloth,  one gently tugging, measuring,  one standing poised with scissors at that moment, ready to snip the ties that bind one to the mortal coil.
We could say fate rules our lives. Why do I struggle? I try to be good! Did I do something awful in a former life?
But if fate controls us, then we are mindless, we go whichever way the winds blow. (Sadly there are a lot of people who act like that!)
There is no sin, then, for we are fated to do right or to do wrong. But we are made with free will. We can stop situations we don't like, if they don't feel good for us. We can CHOOSE to do wrong, (Indeed, we can rationalize: "It's for the greater good! It's for God and country! I need to feed my starving child- in Jean Valjean's case in Les Miserables, his first crime, that began the catalyst, was stealing a loaf of bread for starving nieces and nephews.)
So therefore, we make- create our fates. Good or bad, from mistakes we make, we find ourselves where we need to be to learn lessons, salve our wounds and repent and move on.
If we did not have free will, we could not sin.
If fate is all that rules us, then we could not figure out how to take something terrible and turn it into something beautiful. From my mistakes, I can teach, I can help others. I can BE THERE.
We are not ruled by Fate. We make our own.
All we are powerless to stop are death and taxes. And that as sure as God made little apples, we will have idiots, in power, and not in power, to amuse us and infuriate us. And the sun keeps rising in the east, and setting in the west.

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