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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Where Trouble Melts Like Lemon Drops...

~Thanks to numerous doctors waiting rooms and just feeling wonky (so I have made myself slow down and "rest"--- and fought with myself heartily to do so) I have finished the first of the A Song of Ice and Fire series, Game of Thrones in record time, and am onto A Clash of Kings (it clocks in at 800 pages, but I can only watch Lucy cry because Mr. Mooney was mean or babysit the cute monkeys so many times at my doctor's office or flip through Family Circle circa 1968--- found a great recipe for weight loss- lime Jello with salmon. Ugh-so many times.) so am attempting to pace myself. Did spend time in the fresh air, attempting to avoid any conversations on oil prices and the price of gasoline going down a penny and up ten, but enjoying some silly. Apparently they want to take me out and get me a booster seat. Funny. I haven't heard that one before. 
Also looking for new music again, genre be damned.
I highly recommend:
The Pines- Cry, Cry Crow
The Wreckers-Stand Still, Look Pretty
Bob Marley and the Wailers- Redemption Song
Alister- Fraggle Rock
Falco-Rock Me, Amadeus

And will be back with more. I like the odd, the old, the fabulously silly...anything, really. Unless of course, I end up getting bits of it in diners, in which case... eh. Not my kind of atmosphere.

I am going to be fighting for my health as hard as I must, but hoping to distract myself and have some time where I am not needing to rest. I hate to say it, but had to tell one friend "Geez, you sound like I feel." Being more careful in the shower, as inhaling water as I did was not good, and I don't want anything happening. One day, I'll have this all behind me.

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