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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Consider the Lilies

Or... Mixing Metaphors

Consider the lilies... They want for nothing, but for fresh, clean air and sunshine. They "do all right" as the hilarious scene in The Life of Brian reminds us. We are much more important than they, so fair play to them, they're very pretty! and should we take their example? (Mixed metaphor, and I won't be able to stretch it long.)

Well, as humans, we cannot sit embedded, waiting for capricious rain or sun. We must go for our own food. We think, we feel. But do we need to worry? No! (She's 'avin' a go at the lilies now!)

In life, there will forever be someone who gets our goat, treats us roughly (and for some stupid reason, we may go back for more, out of a misplaced need to placate and be polite.) I would say, take time out to figure out what's important: the capricious opinions of people unknown to me, and I to them, or taking time to care for me, so I am healthy, so that I am not a mess, and worthless when push comes to shove, and to care for those whom I love and love me?

I will be content, and strong.
I don't need to worry about the craziness around me, it always is, and somehow, I will be the one who has to bear it... I can shake that off, shrug, if you will. The world needs to spin for itself and I cannot hold it up. This I am learning, and must acknowledge.

Here endeth the sermon, go in peace.

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