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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

While health has me taking it easy, I am enjoying my freedom with junk food, cheeseburgers, brownies, (very healthy indeed, the Wegmans GF brownie mix contains a stick of butter!) and whatever else I want. Because I made a deal with myself. Along with looking up recommendations on adding calories & seeing a nutritionist, as well as deciding on adding in Ensure (I'm not a big lover of gritty milkshake.) if I crave it (like today, I wanted cinnamon toast all day) I am giving it to myself.

No, we do not have a guaranteed right to happiness. We have a right to chase after it, and that is what I am doing. See me run. See me fight. See me party! Enjoy, no matter what you do. Be safe!


  1. Good point on the right to "pursue" it, but not necessarily to have it.

  2. Seize the day, Beth, and seize the calories!! Enjoy your day of independence and eat those brownies!

  3. I always hated when people said "we have a right to happiness"... it was always difficult to avoid giving a gentle smack. So I learned to gently tell them, "Pursuit, pursuit, We can chase it as much as our little hearts desire." :) In a way, I think it's best, I think I'd be bored if I got things too easily.

  4. I'll try to share some, lol! :)