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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Calgon, Take Me Away

At this point, I have no clear image of where I'm going. I know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, I know that the sun does come out after the darkest of days. Pain doesn't last forever.

Things I'm beginning to pick up. I do learn, even if it comes from the mouth of a horse's ass (No particular person in mind. This is a general statement.)!

1) I can't be on all the time. That's ok. And right now, rest will be good for me. I'm praying that it's merely exhaustion/ bad attack of allergies.

2)Leave the pros to do what they do. I know, for example, that if I were attempt to play pro football, that I am (A) no Rudy, and (B)no Doug Flutie, and I would get smooshed. Respect the experts and leave them to it. This metaphor has stretched terribly. I need not be where I know I will act in a way I don't like. I am in control of me, and will tolerate no slipping.

3)I will not live my life in and out of social networking. Not because of a scary study regarding depression... I think there's a set of mitigating factors. But because it's a big, beautiful world and mosquitoes aside, there's nice summer nights and no need for a heavy coat.

4)I am working on the positive. Finding ways to keep sane in insane places, at insane times. So why worry, as I have to keep reminding myself. I'll do it, until I get through to myself.

5)Say "No" when necessary (HINT, HINT).

6) Let people know when they're behaving like assholes.

7) Be tougher when I want answers, as they won't come by simply worrying. Time to hold my head up, square my shoulders and think awesome.

8)Quit worrying. (Giggle.)

9) Remember once and for all that while fear and stubbornness can save, they can keep you sick and scared for too long.

10) Quit taking refuge in vagueness

11) Take a break... I am going to be exhausted and in a "If it's Thursday, this must be Belgium," frame of mind.
(Also, the difference between a French and Belgian kiss is this: same basic approach, but the Belgian has a lot more Flem.)


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