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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


*Certain "tasks" or "chores" will become second nature, Those things that are already second nature... the weekly check, pruning (if needed) and watering of plants, and cleaning of house, plus cleaning of cupboards and surfaces will continue.
*Those natural things  that feel like tasks will be examined and worked on. There will be variety.
*I will enjoy what I like and quit letting people with an ax to grind get to me.
*I will understand that I can't do it all
*I will learn to say no
*I will fight for my needs, and let people know, politely, when they've crossed the line
*I will understand that I am not everyone's psychiatrist.
*I will once again have certain illnesses in the past... "I have dealt with ______" as opposed to being forced to rest more.
*I will let people know when something just doesn't work
*There are things that must be done, and they will be done. I will not however, hurt myself by getting lost in them while attempting to complete them.

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