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Thursday, July 19, 2012

News Round-Up

I missed the weekly weird news round up, but have caught some things in the air. I'm not one for watching the news, but will attempt to get it from various sources.

1)A study shows that your friends could make you fat. (I'll set out the wine glasses, y'all. Bullet vibe races and B-movies, anyone? :) )
NY Times--- Point, Set, Match
Spark People is seeing flashes

Because I know we all gag for technical studies and medical mumbo jumbo, the study:
Plos One on Body Size and Social Life

2)My friend, Kristi's favorite, the Blessed Kateri is being canonized, with a miracle under her belt.
Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha- Living Faith
For those of you who said I need to go on vacation... you know how I'd like to go to Rome? *hint, hint* (I'm kidding, I'll get there, but this smacks of something funky to me):
Select International Using Bl.Kateri as selling point?

Oh, and apparently, the not-so-cute imp that almost ruined Risky Business and makes Top Gun intolerable  was divorced at last. Yawn. Let's see him jump on a couch about that. (Don't knock it, I've done it.)
Ok, that's it for entertainment. Apparently online mags will gag and groan with what Suri is wearing, that Katie Holmes seems to be concentrating really hard, or looking down when she's walking. Hmmm. I know these are people in public, but a private grace period could be best. *shrugs*.

Melinda Gates got in trouble with Catholics over her statements regarding her organization, that among other things, provides abortion to impoverished women.

There was an Excalibur vibrator. I had to at least search for it...sadly, that product is no longer available. You can call it crest-fallen... curiosity denied... I call it excitus interruptus.

Here's something special... while I'm simply taking time (and often pre-setting posts just so I can quickly say "I'm alive!" there are studies that show that social networks can contribute to low self-esteem.
So now we know: Our friends make us fat, and our online friends can contribute to anxiety. There's something to be said for taking time for yourself and not making it the end-all, be-all.

Are You Tired, Run Down, Listless? Could It Be Your Social Network?

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